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Chamber of Secrets Torremolinos and Tripadvisor

By Posted in - News on August 9th, 2016 0 Comments

A message from Matthew Wright:

Here at The Chamber we love hearing feedback from our customers and Tripadvisor is the biggest platform in the world on which people can openly and honestly write their reviews for all to see.

It really satisfying that since we opened we have received to date well over 300 reviews from visitors and even more proud to say that 99.7% of them rated us the highest possible 5 stars. Only one person has rated us less than that…and that was a 4 star!

That 99.7% statistic puts us above the likes of Disneyland, Universal Studios, The London Eye, Great Wall of China. Simply incredible and very humbling.

For over a year Tripadvisor ranked us in their listings as the “Best Thing to do in Torremolinos”, “Best thing to do in Costa Del Sol” and “Best thing to do in Andalucia”. We were also top for Nightlife in Torremolinos, Nightlife in Costa Del Sol and Nightlife in Andalucia. This rating really gave us a presence on TripAdvisor and gave travellers to the area a great opportunity to find out about us. However, TripAdvisor recently decided to change their website and now….despite us having some of the best reviews of any attraction anywhere in the world we have been put in a group with two horse shows…..which has averaged out our rating and at present, we are rated only number 18 thing to do in Torremolinos.

It seems a little strange thing to do…..but hopefully, you guys reading this will spread the word.



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