Today Tripadvisor has ranked us as the “Number one thing to do” in the whole of the Costa Del Sol and Malaga area. Whilst this is a fun thing to be able to say to our friends, in reality it means absolutely nothing.
Don’t get me wrong…we absolutely LOVE getting reviews from our guests and really appreciate everyone who takes the time out of their day to leave us a review. It inspires us to keep trying to give them the best possible night we can and it helps our business tremendously by letting other travellers know exactly what we are about. The ranking number however means nothing to us at all.

The ranking system is controlled by an algorithm running inside a system owned by a multi billion dollar company designed to maximise their profits. At any minute they can change the algorithm and change your ranking number. Yesterday we were ranked number two and last year we were ranked number seven. Does this mean that our show is now suddenly better than last year…or better than yesterday? Of course not…(even though it is a little bit better!).
If, next week we are number two, or number ten or number fifty does it mean our show has gotten worse? Of course not. Do we think that being number one in a silly algorithm makes us better than anyone else in resort…absolutely not….we know literally hundreds of venues who all work incredibly hard to make sure their customers have the best experience they can. Some of these people don’t even know how Tripadvisor works and don’t bother asking customers for reviews so never make it into the top 50…It doesn’t mean they aren’t a great place to visit.

So whilst Tripadvisor is an amazing tool to help with your holiday decisions don’t go purely off the number….make sure you read the reviews to see if it is somewhere you really want to visit. When we were number one last year we had lots of non English speaking people trying to book purely because we were number one….we turned them away as we knew the show wasn’t for them.

So with that in mind here is a list of ten things we like to do and visit. They are in no particular order. If it sounds like something you might like too…go check them out.

If you are looking for a world class magic show full of amazement, amusement and angelic singing come and visit us at The Chamber of Secrets

If you are looking for a comedy night packed with glitz, glam and giggles go see Paul and Loz at Guapatini’s Showbar

For the warmest welcome in town, some cool cocktails and a terrific terrace to chill and chat, go and visit Gill at Boomerangs

If you are looking to party the night away with disco, dance and dope tunes go see Georgie at Tinas bar

If its super sports coverage with the happiest hosts you could ever imagine go see Ole at Branigans

For the best bands and terrific tributes go and see Agnes at Capones

For cracking karaoke go and see Cath at CJ’s

For the best carvery of your life go and visit at The Carvery

For finger licking ribs it has to be Meatinis

If you want to travel a little further afield to try the best Tapas on the coast go and visit Phyl and Darrell at Las Gambas.

This is just a selection of the many incredible venues, bars and restaurants in resort and I know I have missed out many many others run by friends and for that I apologise…please don’t hate me. x

We are not defined by a number
We are not in competition
We are all in this crazy business together
Together we are the Holiday-Makers.

Wow! How incredible! Our little show has been ranked number 2 in nightlife attraction across the whole of Spain by TripAdvisor! Not just Torremolinos, not just The Costa Del Sol, but out of everything possible for night time activities, excursions, nightlife and things to do, our extremely* lovely guests have ranked us as second best.

We love performing the Chamber of Secrets show, and knowing that you are enjoying it just as much, lets us know we are doing a great job.

We are always trying to make the show even better, so who knows, maybe we’ll be taking the coveted top spot soon enough. We also rank number 4 in concerts and shows for the whole of Spain. Higher than any other magic show!

To put that into perspective that rating puts us higher than one of our personal favourite shows in the world – Pirates in Magaluf.

Thank you, everyone, who has taken the time to review our show! It means so much to us.

*officially I think we get the loveliest people in the world visiting the Chamber of Secrets.

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