Wow! How incredible! Our little show has been ranked number 2 in nightlife attraction across the whole of Spain by TripAdvisor! Not just Torremolinos, not just The Costa Del Sol, but out of everything possible for night time activities, excursions, nightlife and things to do, our extremely* lovely guests have ranked us as second best.

We love performing the Chamber of Secrets show, and knowing that you are enjoying it just as much, lets us know we are doing a great job.

We are always trying to make the show even better, so who knows, maybe we’ll be taking the coveted top spot soon enough. We also rank number 4 in concerts and shows for the whole of Spain. Higher than any other magic show!

To put that into perspective that rating puts us higher than one of our personal favourite shows in the world – Pirates in Magaluf.

Thank you, everyone, who has taken the time to review our show! It means so much to us.

*officially I think we get the loveliest people in the world visiting the Chamber of Secrets.

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